Hi to all, i read how to embed a java class into UAP from jgdasilva
I created a "myexample.jar" using the following source code using

package com.novell.myexample;

public class MyExample extends Object {

public MyExample() {
// my constructor

public String myMethod() {
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
sb.append("a string");
return sb.toString();

I've updated my preactivity mapping with:

var myObject = new Packages.com.novell.myexample.MyExample();
var theString = myObject.myMethod();

The jar file contains a Manifest Directory, a ".project" and a
".classpath" file. However, they would not interfere with the package.

In the jar there is the following directory structure, too

I've inserted the jar in /server/IDM/lib folder and inside the IDM.war
file (under the deploy directory), restarting the server.

The result is

Error Evaluating Script

Error Evaluating Script
com.novell.soa.script.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError : TypeError:
[JavaPackage com.novell.myexample.MyExample] is not a function.

TypeError: [JavaPackage com.novell.myexample.MyExample] is not a

I'm not able to resolve this issue, please help me.
The unique strange error in the jboss log is

[MyfacesConfig] Tomahawk jar not available. Autoscrolling,
DetectJavascript, AddResourceClass and CheckExtensionsFilter are
disabled now.

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