We're investigating the User App 3.5.1 Provisioning Module (ironically
there's docs on 3.6 RB Provisioning, but Novell's Product/price on their
website only shows 3.5.1 still)


Two diff. items we'd like here:

1) Workflow for internal user creation requests. Is there a way for
the final "approver" to specify a password for the user object so that
when it gets created it has a password? (since eDir won't let you
create a user with a null password). I saw the posting about setting a
password and it seems you have to edit the XML directly and that there's
no mechanism to do this in the DAL, etc. We use NMAS here.

2) External user self-registration Workflows. We'd like it to
eventually get to a final "approver" and have the workflow (or probably
some other driver maybe?) create a RANDOMLY generated password based
upon our NMAS UP policy and email that to the user (ie, the person
"creating/approving" the creation request never has to enter the
password, let alone knows what it is). Is this even possible?