I have a bunch of OU objects representing Departments. There's not much
in them, just a URL to be passed to an iframe for display.

SearchList finds them ok, but for objects with a comma in the name (like
"Business, College Of"), what's passed to the Detail portlet doesn't
work. Instead of the iframe opening with the URL data, like it does when
the object name doesn't have a comma in it, I get error message:

The specified organizationalUnit does not exist. Please refresh your
search and try again.

Looks like the handoff from SearchList to Detail needs to escape the
embedded comma.

Even more entertainingly, if I change the CN to "Business - College Of"
and put "Business, College Of" in to a secondary value of CN, then
SearchList displays it as "Business, College Of", but correctly passes
"Business - College Of" to the Detail portlet.

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