I assume you resolved this issue since there were no more comments. I
was getting the exact same error in our new IDM4 installation and
resolved it quite easily so I wanted to comment in case someone else
runs across this:

Previously, we had used MySQL with UserApp but in our new installation
we switched to MS SQL Server 2008 and we used version 3.0 of Microsoft's
JDBC driver. I happened to have a Novell consultant on site at the time
and he researched the issue with some colleagues and they pointed me to
the following difference as noted on 'MSDN'

> After upgrading the JDBC driver from version 1.2, the default buffering
> behavior will be "adaptive." If your application has never set the
> "responseBuffering" property and you want to keep the version 1.2
> default behavior in your application, you must set the
> responseBufferring propery to "full" either in the connection properties
> or by using the setResponseBuffering method of the SQLServerStatement
> object.

To do this with JBoss, we modified the IDM-ds.xml file in the deploy
directory and appended ";responseBuffering=full" to the connection-url
node as seen below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<connection-url>jdbc:sqlserver://YourSQLServer:1433;DatabaseName=IDMUserAppDB;respo nseBuffering=full</connection-url>
<driver-class>com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver </driver-class>

This completely resolved the deadlock errors in the log upon startup.

Hope someone else finds this useful.

Edit: This may only happen if you are clustering UserApplication as we
did not experience this in our development environment where there was
only one UserApplication server using the database.

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