So I guess the first question is:

1) Is Accessing a portlet directly "supported" by Novell?

2) We're having issues where you cannot export the search list if you
access the portlet directly (even if you are authenticated).

Now, you may ask, why would we need to access the portlet directly?

Well, our search list is being used as an "internal white pages". We
have the search list results show like 7 or 8 items, so the ONLY way to
see all the items in a "partially user-friendly" format is to access the
portlet directly, so that you don't have all the "real-estate" loss that
you get if you access the PAGE.

(ie, you lose like 3" of the page if you access the page).

Trying to explain to the users to click the "maximize" is a losing
battle (and we DID try using the page and everyone hated it and wanted
to get rid of it and go to IBM's PeopleFinder instead).

Now, if there was a way to make the portlet be maximized upon accessing
the page, then that would be a diff. story.