When viewing the "User Profile" in iManager, the Home Postal Address is
parsed out so that you see 5 boxes... Street, City, State, Zip and Country.
But if I LDIF the object to a file, "Street" does not exist as an
attribute... it is only embedded in the homePostalAddress attribute.

I want the end user to be able to edit home information in the User App.
How can I get the UA to similarly Parse out the Home Postal Address on the
"Editable Attributes" page of my User Detail portlet?
As it stands, if I put homePostalAddress as one of the attributes, I get the
following showing up on my screen as the value for Home Street:

"UserApp Testing$123 Any Street$ $Home City$Home State$Home Zip "

It's obviously the whole attribute, including Full Name, Street, and
variables pointing to the other three attributes that comprise this one.

Any ideas? Solutions?