We are using UserApplication v3.6, and IDM v3.51,

We have two trees, the Vault Tree connected by the
eDirectory-eDirectory driver to the Workforce Tree (user app running in
the Vault Tree)

We have deployed a Tick Box in the user request form for Group
Membership of a particular group (eg GROUPA) , when the request is
approved, The "DN" of this group is applied to the memberhip of the
User (append all values on the create entity)

We are also applying Group memberships of a few other groups via a User
Template (template applied on the "add" event in the create policy on
the eDirectory driver). eg GROUPB and GROUPC

On their own, both of these functions are working, meaning that in the
workforce tree, the group "memberships" and the "security equal to" on
the user is correct if you create a user in consoleone for the template
groups (GROUPB and GROUPC) , and the tick box works for the specific
group (GROUPA)

However there seems to be a conflict when they work together, create a
user in user app, select the tick box, the group membership of the user
in the workforce tree shows only the group that is refereenced by the
tick box in userapp (GROUPA) , but the "security equal to" has all
groups listed (GROUPA, GROUPB and GROUPC). Its as if the userapp group
membership wiped out the ones being applied by the user template?

Has anyone got sugegstion on how best to overcome this please?

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