I have a global query which is working, iff the result of the query is a
single object. However, I need this to work for multiple objects
returned by the query and iterate through each, and what I am getting
is both objects returned in a single string separated by commas. The
problem there is that the LDAP dn returned is delimited by commas, so I
can't even work around this.

var CSGRoles = new Array(IDVault.globalQuery(null, "CSGApprovers",
if (CSGRoles.length > 0)
if (CSGRoles[0].length > 0)
for (var i = 0; i < CSGRoles.length; i++)
var thisLMNT = CSGRoles[0][i];

form.showMsg("Approver for: "+thisLMNT.toString());

var theseCSGProfiles = IDVault.get(null, thisLMNT.toString(),
"CSGApprovalRole", "seeAlso");
var myCSGProfiles = union(myCSGProfiles, theseCSGProfiles);

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