I have just set up another IDM system with User App Prov 3.6 and
deployed a previously created Designer project used on an earlier trial
set up. Settings and changes to workflows were made to fit the new set
up. As I was testing the workflows, some User attributes in my Modify
workflows could not be retrieved, such as Full Name. Values for some
user-defined attributes stored in an aux class also could not be
retrieved. There is data in the attributes when I did a 'View Object'
using iManager. The weirder thing is the same data populated to Full
Name is populated to Last Name (ie, Full Name = Last Name) but it seems
that DAL could not pick up the value for Full Name but it can do so for
Last Name. I'm using the codes IDVault.get("uName", dn, "user",
"fullName") and IDVault.get("uName", dn, "user", "LastName"). The same
code is used for retrieving the user defined attributes in the Aux
class. These workflows work when deployed and run in the earlier set
up. Any idea on how this can happen?

Also, in my PickList, how can I define the Display Expression to
display the list of users in the format <user ID> (<Full Name>)?


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