Hello again,

Here's a lighter post (compared to some of my previous questions)...

Based on UA 3.6 we would like to be able to do what sounds like a simple
task : have a page in that displays the pictures and names of all users
contained in a given OU.

We've considered doing this with the org chart browser but never managed
to display more than the logged-in user's "business card" with links to
manager, direct reports, and groups.

The search list portlet might be used IF it was able to display a
picture in the results page. We could then provision all users with a
saved search that displays all users from their OU and thout would be
more-or-less acceptable. But well, pictures cannot be diplayed in the
results, so that won't work either.

Has anybody got any idea on how to do this. If based on the org chart
portlet, please provide details because we really haven't managed to get
any significant results by creating new entities and/or relationships.

Thanks for any creative thoughts ;-)