Hi all, I need your help.

I want to put into the flowdata the number of results returned by a
query but I always get this error:

> Error Message: Dataitem [MAP0] with expression
> [IDVault.globalQuery("UserRequestEmail", {"email":IDVault.get(recipient
> , 'UserRequest', 'internetEMailAddress')}).length] failed to evaluate.

This is the source expression:

> IDVault.globalQuery("UserRequestEmail", {"email":IDVault.get(recipient
> , 'UserRequest', 'internetEMailAddress')}).length

The expression IDVault.get(recipient , 'UserRequest',
'internetEMailAddress') is evaluated correctly and I can put it into
the flowdata.

I have removed ".length" from the expression but I'm still getting the

Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you,


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