Hello everyone,

I hope you're not sick of all my posts, there's probably more coming.
We're in the process of polishing the U.A. for our users, so there's a
lot of small issues that crop out. This being said...

For some reason, we need to run the detail portlet against two entities
that both map to the inetOrgUser class and a couple of aux classes.
Basically we have a "user2" entity that is pretty much a copy of the
built-in "user" entity with a few differences in what attrbites are
allowed through.

For the built-in user entity, a specific image of a human figure is
displayed instead of the photo when the user being displayed has no
photo attribute in eDir.

For the new user2 entity, another default image is displayed.

'Screenshot is posted on Flickr'

Is this an expected behavior (i.e. is there any "hard link" in the code
to the built-in user entity and that doesn't work with other entities)
Or am I missing something about the configuration ?

Note that :
* the configuration for the UserPhoto DAL attribute (i.e. "photo"
attribute in LDAP schema) is the same in both DAL entities.
* the entity-specific portlet configuration that describes the picture
layout (i.e. pseudo-mini-html editor in portlet preferences) is the
same for both entities.
* ACLs (trustees) for the photo attribute are OK, they are not the
cause of this issue.

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