In my eDir, I have 50 groups with members.
All of these 50 groups (one user of every group) have to approve the
same approval request in my workflow.

I would like to avoid to build 50 approvers activities in my workflow

I would like to set one activity approver linked to a "super group"
which should contain all members of my 50 groups.
At this step I don't know if I have to choose "Group" or "Multiple"
approver type for the dynamic group approver, as I need one member of
every group of the "super group".

I've tried to define a dynamic group in my IV via iManager but in the
dynamic tab of this group, I can get query results : all is always

In this dynamic tab, I have specified :
- the base dn start search
- the search scope as "search sub containers"
- and the search filter as (objectClass=inetOrgPerson)

As I click on the Apply or Ok button, query results is empty.

Do you have an idea about the good way to proceed ?
Do you think it is possible to deal for this with a dynamic group or
must I build the 50 activity approvers ?

Many thanks in advance for your help,

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