I've made a DAL Query to search similar jobcode from existing users in
my IdentityVault.

The User container DN linked in my Identity VAult is

I've made a second container for desactivated users,

In my query, I have specified the "Search root" parameter of the query
as "o=alpha"
and the "Search Scope" parameter as "Container ans Sub-Containers".

The results of my query take into account users which are in User
Container but not users which are in my second container.
That is strange because I have choosen the root container as Search

In documentation it is mentionned that :

"If left blank, the query search properties default to the search
properties specified for the selected entity. Specify the query search
properties to further refine the search scope already defined for the

Do you think that refine means that we can not search for users which
are not in user container ?
If so, why can we choose a search cope parameter as the root parameter

Do you have an idea why it does not work ?
Many thanks in advance for your help,


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