On my request form I have a field "datedepart" linked to Login
Expiration Time.
The type of this field is "time" and the control type is

As I select a value in this field, it displays for example "06/11/2008
O9:40:55 PM".

But if I initialize this field with the value of the Login Expiration
Time from the Identity Vault,
it displays for example something like : "20080730220000Z".

I initialize this field via an onchange event of the user "personne"
with the following code :

IDVault.get("datedepart",personne,'user','loginExp irationTime');

Do you know how to display a more friendly time (as the one we have
when we choose it via the control type DateTimePicker) ?

Instead of displaying "20080730220000Z" on the request form I need to
display "30/07/2008 O0:00:00 PM"

Thank you in advance for your help,


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