We’ve placed a DN Container on a Request Form.
In Firefox the control works fine, I can open the dnpicker and select a

But in IE 7 and 6 an exception is thrown at me as soon as I click on
the showDNpicker button:

-Entitiy: Please check the values that you specified for the entity or
root dn properties for this field: Service returned error. Return
code=500, Message=Error encountered while executing the service
lookupcontainer: {1}., Throwable=Ldap error querying for results.
Error: javax.naming.InvalidNameException:
'OU=Entities,O=Identities&apos\;: [LDAP: error code 34 - Invalid
DN Syntax]; remaining name ''OU=Entities,O=Identities&apos\;'-

In the jboss log the error also appears...
The value for the root container is: 'OU=Entities,O=Identities'

Running: Identity Manager version 3.6 Patch B Build Revision 25199

Any Ideas?

Kind Regards,

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