I'm looking at the 3.5.1 Docs for the UserApp

I'm at section 5.4 (creating the UserApp driver)

Specifically step 4

My screen (I'm using iManager 2.7 with the plugins) does not look
anything like what the docs show.

The docs shows THREE button selections, mine only has two.
Their shows to select: UserApplication.xml from the drop-down list and
specifically tells you in step 6 that if you don't see that you didn't
run the web-based Admin portion of the install.

Well, I did run the web-based admin portion ofthe install and my list
does not show: UserApplication.xml

Mine shows:

Import a configuration from the server (.XML file)
Show: Identity Manager 3.5 configurations
Configurations: UserApplication_3_5_1-IDM3_5_0-V1.xml

Did I do something wrong or are the docs incorrect?