I have been looking into this and I thought I had it figured out but
what I was doing isn't going to work.

What I am trying to accomplish is a work flow where a user select from
a MVChecklist built from a query of objects in the database. then
depending on what they check I was writing a multivalued attribute to
the user that stored the dns of which objects were selected each object
corresponds to an application they have requested access to. Most of
these are manual applications so if it is manual I was spawning a
workflow using a loopback driver for the user using attributes off the
application object to know who to assign it to. It works but I want to
start the workflow using the application object as the initiator but I
cant dynamically select it. The policy call for starting a workflow
only allows for a static DN like the workflow admin object.

Can this kind of thing be done using the Integration Activity It looks
like you can use this to spawn workflows but how is it done and how
would i do it multiple times?

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