There are a couple of posts that handles a strange behaviour in the
naming of users in the User Application.
The issue is that for example a user requests a resource and within the
top part of the form (NOT the customized approval_form etc)
a user (recipient or initiator) is identified as "David Lastname" or
"Firstname van der Maas"
This issue is reported as Defect #: 382520
The issue was discovered in UA 3.0, solved in 3.01 but rediscovered in
3.5. Well today i found out it is also in UA 3.6 and UA 3.6.1 (beta).

However, getting tired of this problem i tried to solve this and found
the following :
In our DAL we had User entity with attrib Last Name (ldapname sn) and
Surname (ldapname sn). We used both attrib in several workflows and
As soon as i deleted the Surname entry the problem was gone. I also
tried this with Given name, two entries using the same ldap attribute.
And the problem arises again.
So .. It could be expected behaviour and i just made a stupid mistake
or it was not supposed to do this. Anyway don't use the same attrib in
one entity wtih different names.

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