I've got a user app (Identity Manager version 3.5.1 Build Revision
23429) that's running on SLES. It seems to run fine, except that my
user app administration account doesn't have the "administration"
option when he logs in.

I've reconfigured the portal with the script and it shows the right
user in the dialog.

I'm not sure if it has a bearing on this issue, but this server was
cloned (VMware) from another machine also running an instance of the
User app (different O's in the tree). That machine was configured till
it was working, then cloned, and the various bits reconfigured to point
to the new users and Org. I suppose it's possible something isn't
getting changed, but I would have assumed running the config update
script would have fixed it.

Has anyone seen this, or provide some clue how to figure out what its
problem is?

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