I have a PRD with two fields :
- the first field, called "personnealpha", allows to choose a user of
the IV via a DNLookUP control type
- the second field, calle "datedepart", is a DateTimePicker and allows
to choose a date time

Once the first field "personnealpha" is filled (meaning user choosen),
I would like to initialize the second field "datedepart" with the
"Login Expiration Time" attribute (that I have in the DAL User Entity)
of the "personnealpha" choosen user.

In the request form, on the "personnealpha" field, I've tried on a
change event to set the "datedepart" field with the attribute Login
Expiration Time as follows with ECMA script :

IDVault.get("datedepart", personnealpha, 'user','Login Expiration

It does not work.
On the form detail of the PRD I get the following error :

Date de départ: An error '[object Error]' was encountered while
executing the script
'IDVault.get("datedepart", personnealpha, "user","Login Expiration
Time")' ('personnealpha' is undefined.)
Unrecoverable error during asynchronous call ('personnealpha' est is

I had a look on coolsolution appnote 19307 but I don't see how to do.
Do you have an idea how to resolve this problem ?
Thank you in advance for your help,


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