I have made a new PRD to create some users in the Identity Vault via
customized Resource Request form.
So the user connected to User application portal makes a Request
ressource and specifies a Surname and a Firstname in order to create a
new user in the IV.

In my workflow there is an Entity Activity with a "User" type and a
"Create/Modify" operation.

In the data item mapping, I have set modify value expression of target
attribute (cn, first name, last name, OU and uniqueid) from flowdata
start request form values. In the field "Entity dn", I have set a user
request form flowdata (perhaps is this an error ?).
As the approver approves the workflow, I get an error (linked to Entity
Activity) an no user is created.
The Process comments (showing system comments) says :
05/26/2008 05:00:13 PM Entity IDMProv Your resource request for {0}
has been sent to provisioning service
05/26/2008 05:00:14 PM Entity IDMProv Provisioning Resource Request
05/26/2008 05:00:14 PM Entity IDMProv Your provisioning resource
request submission for Christine Coves has failed
and in the following line something like (traduction)
05/26/2008 05:00:14 PM Entity IDMProv Workflow Error: "One or many
parameters transmitted on virtual data layer are nuls"

Do you have an idea what is wrong in my workflow (Probably entity dn
field and something else ?) or what is missing ?
Many thanks in advance for your help,


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