Wondering anyone can help me with the problem?

I wanted to grant group membership for some users.

I have 3 picklists:
1st Picklist: Display the list of groups.
2nd Picklist: Display the list of departments.
3rd Picklist: Display those users that were belonged to the department
selected from the 2nd Picklist. The 'Show 2 lists' property has been
set to true.

First, I would select a group (e.g. Group 1) from the 1st Picklist that
I wanted the users to become the members of the group. Then I would
select the department (e.g. Department 1) from the 2nd Picklist for the
users under the selected department to be displayed in the 3rd Picklist.
I would then select the users from the 3rd Picklist (e.g. User1 &

If I continued to select users from another department (e.g. Department
2) to be the member of Group 1, the previously selected users (e.g.
User1 & User2) were not in the right display of the 3rd Picklist.
Another words, the previously selected user entries were not retained
when I select another department.

How do I go about solving this problem?


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