Has anyone encountered this problem of increading slowness in loading
of the web pages in User App after accessing many web pages? The
problem goes away initially if I log out, close the browser and open a
new browser window but it will get slower after accessing many pages,
sometimes taking up to 30 sec.

Here's my setup. I'm using Win 2003 for the servers and Win XP for my
client. My cilent has 512 KB RAM. The server instances are running as
virtual machines with 512 KB RAM for User App and IDM, and 384 KB for
the others. I know the amount of memory is grossly insufficient but
this is just the trial set up and I don't think the problem is caused
by the server instance since the pages load very quickly initially.

My guess on the problem is the web pages heavily depend on JVM and the
slowness encountered is because there are many objects accumulated in
the JVM after accessing many pages. Hope someone can give some
technical insights or performance tuning tips.


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