There are more than 1500 servers in my AD Domain. And I have to give
our users ( AD Domin Users ) membership to any of those server's local
group through a provisioning workflow.
I am using Entitlement not Role Based Provisioning. E-dir 873, IDM
3.5.1 with Uapp Provisioning. I have already created a form and tested
to Built in groups of AD and it is working properly.
But the problem is that how to manage that big number of
servers...1500..!!...what will be the right approach to do this. I
think this not a good approach to design single entitlement to add in a
single group of those servers. Problem is that the AD Driver is not
fetching those local server's groups also. It is fetching only builtin
groups and created groups directly in AD.
Can anyone show me some proper wayout.
It will be a greate help for me...


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