Hi everyone,

I got a little problem: i have in my request form a picklist of dn's
whose items are loaded with a global query executed in a onLoad event,
then i put the selected value of this field in the flowdata to get it
at the next approval activity, but here is my problem:

I want to offer users the ability to modify the selected value of this
I mean that i'd wish that i can load the same items in the approval
field with my query but put the default selected value on the one which
was selected in the request form.

If I just use directly the same global query on the field with an
onload event like i did on the first form, then the data of the
flowdata is overwrited by the query and i loose the choice made in the
request form.

I also tried to keep in a variable the value selected, then to execute
the query to put the usual contents in my field but i don't know how to
set the default selected value on the one i've stored...

Thanks for support,

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