Hi everyone,

I got some trouble with an entity activity in my current workflow:

Actually i have to add some group's dns to the groupMembership
attribute of one user, but when my workflow reach the entity activity,
the flowdata.getObject doesn't return the expected stuff.
I'm expected an arraylist of dn like: [cn=res01,ou=Resources,o=Vault,
cn=res02,ou=Resources,o=Vault, ...]
but the array list i get is: [[Resources: null], [Resources: null],

The result returned has the same length that the number of resources
there are in the field, and if i choose to use flowdata.get, i get only
the first data of the field, but a good one
(cn=res01,ou=Resources,o=Vault) and not Resources: null

I don't know why suddenly getObjects doesn't return valid values, if
anyone have a clue...

Thanks for support !


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