I've made a Provisioning Request which allows the user to select a user
defined in the Identity Vault and to choose a given date.

The aim of this PR is to select a user from the Identity Vault, to
choose a date and to submit it in order to disable the user in the
Identity Vault once again the associated workflow has been approved.

For this, in the request_form of this PR, I have added two fields:
- "personnealpha" which type is a DN and control type is DNLookup
- "datedepart" which type is a date and control type is DatePicker

For the Start Activity of the workflow :
These two fields are present in the target field of the pre-activity
data item mapping.
And these fields are mapped in the post-activity data item mapping as
source form field = personnealpha, arget expression =
source form field = datedepart, target expression =

When PR(Request Resource in User Application) is submitted, submission
is successful and then a first approval has to approve this PR.

In the workflow, if the PR is approved by the first approver, then it
goes to and Activity Mapping where the aim is to put a 'true' value in
the 'Login Disabled' attribute of the personnealpha user of the
identity vault.

To do this, in the data item mapping of this activity following the
first approval, I have specified the entity dn field as
And to the target attribute 'Login Disabled', in the modify value
expression, I've set 'true'.

When the first approver logs on User App, if he select the associated
task, the following error appears in the form detail panel :

An error '[object Error]' was encountered while executing the script
'personnealpha.setValues("Login Disabled", true)' ('personnealpha' is
Unrecoverable error during asynchronous call ('personnealpha' is

Do you see where the problem comes from ?
Many thanks in advance for your help,


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