Workflow involves parents asking for access to student records. Customer
desires parents not be allowed to search for student in directory, but
rather request access based on 6 digit Student ID's, which will then be
verified by an approver before access is granted.

On request form, parent is allowed to enter multiple student ID's into an
MVEditor, String.

I'd like to convert this so that on the approval form the ID's entered as
text have been resolved to the DN's which those ID's represent (the ID is
conveniently identical to the CN of the user object). The reason I want
this converted is that ultimately I will write a multi-valued DN attribute
to the user, associating students to the parent object, a'la Direct Reports
to Manager.

I'm assuming I have to do a pre-activity data mapping with a query to
determine the DN for each CN. Not having much luck. Also, since a parent
can enter more than one student, does this mean that the mapping activity
will involve some looping on the flowdata object, to bring back a DN for
each student ID entered?

Help? :-0