Some background description: I created an workflow such that when I
created an OU=module1 in a container (OU=Applications), an account is
created in another container (OU=Application Accounts). So if I create
another OU=module2 in the container (OU=Applications) , another account
is created in the container (OU=Application Accounts). See below for a
clearer picture.

OU=module1, OU=Applications cn=module1, OU=Application Accounts
OU=module2, OU=Applications cn=module2, OU=Application Accounts
. .
. .
OU=module5, OU=Applications cn=module5, OU=Application Accounts

I want to create another workflow such that if I delete the OU=module1
in the container (OU=Applications), the account (CN=module1) in the
container (OU=Application Accounts) is also deleted. The problem I
faced is I do not know how to formulate the Entity dn for deleting the
account (CN=module1) as the account is in different container. For
deleting the OU=module1, I know the Entity dn is set as
"flowdata.get('start/request_form/ou'). Please help. Thanks in


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