I am using IDM 3.0.1. and I am trying to implement a
scenario to assign an Entitlement just for a predefined time.
My goal is to assign a new Entitlement to a person that gives him grant
a resource until an expiration date occurs. After that date, maybe an
automatic job should re-check entitlements of that person and revoke
expired resource.
the tasks I already performed...
# I modified approve form by adding a new Field (called ‘Expiration’)
to a new Provisioning Request Definition (this is a DatePicker field)
# In workflow tab of PRD, I’m using DirXML-Entitlement-Parameter to
store value submitted by ‘Expiration’ field during Approve Workflow

Is this the correct way.....what need to be done else....If someone can
tell me the procedure...this will be realy appreciable..


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