One is case sensitivy in the workflow database,
where do-start-workflow creates keys using "CN=,OU=,O=" and starting
workflows from userApp creates keys using "cn=,ou=,o="

Results in 2 entries with different writing and different versions for each
and the same workflow within the database. Causing massive problems, like
escalation does not work anymore, eMail notification does not work anymore,
changes in workflows aren't deployed correctly....

Second has been seen in Roles Based Provisioning (UA 3.6). An object "cn=Sod
Conflict Approval" with description "SoD Conflict Approval" caused 2
different prd-files in Designer 3.0 M3. These files usually are locked, so
it is not easy to remove them and import again.

Problems caused by case sensitivy in key-values consume a lot of time to be
fixed. Please get rid of case sensitivy in key-values!!!!!!!


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