We have evaluated the IDM User App, and found it.....less than usable
for a customer facing implementation. From a functional standpoint, it
provides what we need, i.e. password change, challenge response
creation and updating, and resetting password via successful challenge
response interaction. Of course, that's like saying a car with a
chassis and engine works too, 'cept I ain't buying it till it's has
tires, a windshield, seats, and a paint job!

I am sure I can use the IDM Engine with some form of either the
Delimited Text or a JDBC driver to update/create user passwords.
Additionally, I am fairly sure I can push in challenge response sets,
but I am concerned with my ability to consume that data in a usable
manner in either an asp.net or php application. I did some searching in
the support forum and on the novell website, but did not find anything
beyond a dead link to a Challenge Response Driver Set.

Am I better off writing my own Challenge Response functionaltiy, i.e.
an auxillary class with my own encryption mechanism?

Is it really the case that with out using the IDM User App, the
challenge response functionality is useless to a web only user? Or am I
missing something?



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