With the Single flow Provisionig Members Strategy I've managed to let "Team
Admins" request and revoke specific Group Memberships for members of their
team. Only thing is that the Team-Admin has to request the resource per user
instead of selecting all users and request the resource for all of them at

A hint on the Request Resource page made me search in designer for something
like "Multiple Recipients Allowed", but I didn't find anything. The hint:
Select a user (or users, if the resource you selected was marked "Multiple
Recipients Allowed") for whom you are requesting a resource. Where do i have
to look ? ? ?

Another thingy: I'm Using a/the Group Entitlement Loopback driver and was
wondering if it is possile to somehow present Userapplication Users with the
"select group" UI of that driver so I don't have to create a PRD for each