I'm trying to install the 3.6.0 Role based provisionig module on a lab
environment. When I extend the schema using the nrf-extentions.sch file I
get the attached errors back.

I've installed the files in the prerequisitefiles directory and installed
the role addons on Designer 2.11. When I deploy the
UserApplciation_3_6_0-IDM3_5_1-V1 (via Designer) driver into the vault I get
the following error:

The srvprvAppConfig object named AppConfig could not be created
Error -604. An Objectclass that does not exist in the Directory is being
referenced by a utility

Adding the tdriver via iManager gives back: "CLASS_NOT_DEFINED"

The Identity Manager 3.5.1MetaDirectory is installed on the server

I've restarted the server after extending the schema and installation of the
prerequisitefiles directory

re-extending the schema via ice still gives back the same errors