I want user provisioning to be done in a workflow based upon their
input selection from a multiple valued checkbox. I am using IDM 3.0.1
and hence do not have the luxury of using loops to find out multiple
user selections nor can I write small code snippets.
My problem can be solved if the expression:
flowdata.getObject('memberDomainRole').contains("1 ") can evaluate to
TRUE.I always select 1 in the form.But no it evaluates to FALSE.
When I print
flowdata.getObject('memberDomainRole[1]'), it prints 1 in the text
But I am not able to evaluate it to true in the "Condition" even if I
know 1 is selected. I have tried a lot of combinations but to little or
no help.This is quite frustrating.This also is quite a normal
functionality and anyone who will design a provisioning form is bound
to need it. I am not able to get any Novell documentation on this.

Can anyone help me in this....

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