I'm on the configuration page and when I submit all of the various LDAP
settings and advanced options (the only one I changed was to make Dynamic
Groups usable) I get the following error:

"Provisioning Driver DN entered is not valid or not a defined container
object in advanced options."

1. I used LDAP to browse and pick the driver.
2. I added "DirXML-Driver" to the advanced options (though this has never
been necessary before, and I anticipate backing out of it.)
3. I installed and deployed the driver from Designer, using the 3.5.1
4. There are two UserApp drivers ... the one currently in production, and
the one I'm replacing it with. The new one has a completely different name
and configuration parameters and is on a separate server, so unless you're
limited to a single UA driver per driver set, there shouldn't be conflicts.
(I want to "stand up" the replacement UserApp without doing a migration,
since there is not much worth saving in the existing DB, FWIW).

I'm doing all of this remotely through VNC to the SLES 10 SP1 server where
the new UA is being installed.

Any ideas where I might look next?