I'm hoping someone can help with this error I'm getting.

This is through designer, but I also get an error in iManager 2.7

Designer Log - Apr 6, 2008 7:42:04 PM

UserApplication351.DirXML_DriverSet.DIRXML.RESOURC ES.USC

Message:The object
user.EntityDefs.DirectoryModel.AppConfig.UserAppli cation351.DirXML_DriverSet
..DIRXML.RESOURCES.USC contains validation errors and wasn't deployed.

If I try to import a new UserApp driver in iManager 2.7 I eventually get a
time-out and only the 'shell' of the driver is available with yellow
question mark against its status in iManager.

According to versions in iManager schema extensions were fount for idm 3.5.1
so I'm assuming the schema is ok. I'm also using the correct admin account

thanks in advance,