I'm having problems creating/deploying a custom theme in 3.51 version of

I have followed the instructions, repeatedly, found in the IDM documentation
for deploying a custom theme. I have done this successfully with 3.5
servers, but there seems to be something different in 3.51 that is causing a

When I edit the "theme.xml" file, there is a java resource bundle and
resource group listed at the end.

<resource-bundle>com.novell.afw.portal.artifacts.theme.BlueG loss</resource-bundle>

These lines of text did not exist in the earlier versions of the theme.xml
file. If I change all references to "BlueGloss" to the name of my custom
theme, I get errors. Portlet cannot retreive <insert custom name here>

If I change all references to "BlueGloss" EXCEPT the resource-bundle line, I
get a working theme. I see two themes titled "BlueGloss" on the theme
management page, but one is using my custom theme.

Any insights on how I can fix this so that I see a properly named custom
theme on the management page?