Someone had posted a question on how to access a registered portlet

John answered with the correct information.

However, I've been playing and it seems to have an unwanted side-effect:

If you try to access the Search List portlet directly you cannot export

Doesn't matter if you authenticate or not.

I have no idea why it doesn't work, it just doesn't.

The URL that shows at the bottom of IE when you hover over the "export
results" shows the same URL (except for the random unique id there):


But if you do it via the portlet directly you get a "There is no result
list available to be exported." message

If you do it via the page (either authenticated or via Guest page if
using public search), then it works just fine, even though it goes to
the SAME page

Any ideas?

It's almost as if it needs the header and page menu on the left-hand
side in order to work (why I don't know)

Unfortunately I can't open an SR because Novell has said that accessing
the portlet directly is unsupported.