Well, I have -never- gotten the IDVault.get() function to work. I
always get back

Workflow Error: Dataitem [MAP0] with expression
, 'regUser', 'umichOTIDType')] failed to evaluate.

regUser has been defined in the DAL and pushed out. umichOTIDType is
an aux class attached to regUser.

As you can see I actually hand picked a value from the directory
"105-0100-20080118032700433-588" for the directory id....still doesn't

Is there a way to use an xpath expression from the root of the
directory? Can anyone take that get statement and turn it into a
working xpath stmt?

Does anyone have any other thoughts here?

yes, I admit.... I am frustrated as I have tried many ways to use this
function - yes even a query and still it "can't evaluate".


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