I've some problems with the mail server.I've IDM 3.0.1 and looking into
JBoss log file I saw the following error:

2008-03-12 15:42:39,507 ERROR
[com.novell.soa.notification.impl.NotificationThrea d] Error during
e-mail sending.

But I don't know which is the cause of this error. I've done only a
change in the IDM.war (in the file web.xml) to modify the number of
requests for page visualized in the User Application. After this change
I saw this error. Do you think this error is related with the change in
the IDM.war or is related with something else?
Moreover even if there is this error the Workflow starts and runs well,
but each Manager doesn't receive the e-mail, but if he logs into the
User Application he see the user request.
Thanks a lot for all.

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