I played with it today.... and I don't like it. The interface is clearly
geared toward a tablet and not mousing or serious desktop use. Do they
actually expect horizontal scrolling across the Start tiles? In my VM
there are actually half tiles on the right edge, looks terrible. There
were several times that I was in a menu (or screen/tile) and couldn't
intuitively figure out how to get back to the Start screen. The
invisible menu that is activated at the right top and bottom corners is
the cumbersome answer. The user is supposed to wait for an invisible
pop-up menu?

That invisible popup bar provides contextual menu's, so the Start tiles
screen's settings are different than the desktop's settings. Seems
logical typed out here, but it in practice the settings presented don't
seem to be what my mind expects.

Somehow Control panel still exists, yet there is "More PC settings"
which I guess is Control Panel light, all the start menu/bar settings
mixed in with other items.

Somehow the IE Tile doesn't seem to load pages right, yet IE from the
desktop does. How are these different?

I usually embrace new interface design and really like the evolution of
windows over the years. I like elements from KDE and Gnome. I like OSX.
I like Windows phone, Metro is great there. this..... feels like an
interface train wreck. I'm sure with more time I would grow to find it
usable, but right now part of me is hoping most of Metro can be turned
off for Enterprise desktop use. In either case, hopefully they can
polish it over the RC's and into the final release.