Using IDM3.5
I'm using str.replace() to generate "sane" characters in usernames on in a

Something like

str = str.replace(//g,"e");
str = str.replace(//g,"e");

Now, sometimes people use punctuation and apostrophes and that sort of
stuff in their names, I would very much like to strip those and replace
them with spaces.

I got stuck already at the punctuation (never reaching the apostrophe)

Normally I use
http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/tryit...yjsref_replace to test
if my replacements are valid.

This page claims, that
str = str.replace(/./g,"");
should be a valid

Using that in a form, gives me undersireable results. :-)

Then I tried to escape the punctuation mark.

str = str.replace(/\./g,"");

This fails to deploy with a validation error, claiming that the escape
sequence is invalid.

Can any insightfull person tell me what to do ?