Hi all,

Hopefully this isn't too brain dead of a question, but I'm not finding
a good way to do this.

When our users go to the "Search List" portlet, I want them to have
the following as a default, using "Basic" search as the default:

Item Category: "Full Name"
Expression: "contains"

I've forced "Full Name" to be the default by having that be the only
searchable item configured in the DAL. I read elsewhere here about
hacking the XML to move the items around, but this'll work for now.

I can't, however, find any way to have "contains" come up by default
instead of "starts with". I'm assuming there's an XML doc somewhere
that controls this as well and I just need to reorder the terms there?

Also, and I haven't decided whether to do this or not, but is it
possible to pre-populate the "Search Term" field?

Thanks much!
Patrick Turner