I had this discussion on the NetWare forum that I thought should be
posted in the Userapp forum.

>What is the procedure for installing JRE SE 1.5.0_10 or higher on
>NetWare 6.5 sp7.


There is none. Java 1.4.2 is the latest your get for NetWare.
Given that Novell has decided that NetWare is dead and that Linux is
way to go, they decided to not allocate any development resources to
Java 5 to NetWare.


Hi Marcel,
The reason I asked is that the Identity Manager 3.5.1 Install Guide P32
states the JBOSS application server can run on NW 6.5 SP7 with a
prerequisite of the Java version 1.5.0_10. I guess you can't get there
from here.


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