I am looking how to differ on a DatePicker if it is empty or a wrong value
was entered on IDM UserApp 3.5.0

I tried "alert(field.validate())" in the onchange-event. The return value is
always "true", nevertheless what was entered in the field. If I enter any
incorrect value (i.e. "aaa" or "41.41.41") the error message is printed on
the screen area. But I don't need the error message far away from the
field, much more an alert, that there is an incorrect value.

I tried "alert(field.getValue()", which gives me a date string, if there is
a correct date entered, but an empty string, if the field is empty AND an
empty string, if there was nonsense entered. So I can't find out if the
field is empty (pass) or nonsense was entered (fail).

Any hint how I can find out, if anything was entered or if the field is

Something like:

if (field.anythingEntered()) {
if (field.getValues()).toString.length==0) {
alert('The date you entered...bla');
return (false);
} else {
return (true);

What can I use for "anythingEntered()"


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