Is someone able to help me with the following problem, or where to start

I have IDM userApp 3.0.1 running on an OES1 linux server. It has been
running perfectly for the past 15 months or so. In the last week it has
been crashing every 5 - 6 hours with java.lang.outofmemory errors on the
The server has 2gb of memory and I have edited the script
to read -Xmx1024M as a couple of tids point to. This only adds a couple
of hours to the uptime of the userApp before it crashes again.
We are a university and have had an new intake of students, but their
passwords have not been set to expire for another 3 months or so. There
appears to be no additional load on the servers and there's plenty of
drive space.

I have two identical servers to run the userApp (not running at the same
time) so thinking there may be a problem with the current one, I fired
up the second one and imported the config, checked the connections
settings and away I went. 2 hours later it crashed too.

I'm struggling, any ideas?

I know I should be upgrading and it is on the list of things to do,
however it has been working flawlessly for a long time.
Also, what exactly is held in the MySQL database that the UserApp uses?

Thanks for the help.