I'm working with the UserApp + Provisioning here, and trying to strip it
down so that users see only the things we're actually using. Under
Request & Approvals, the defaults are probably great, but I need to
remove most of them.

The default menu:

My Work
My Tasks
Request Resource
My Requests
My Settings
Enter Proxy Mode
Edit Availability
My Proxy Assignments
My Delegate Assignments
My Team's Work
Team Tasks
Request Team Resources
Team Requests
My Team's Settings
Team Proxy Assignments
Team Delegate Assignments
Team Availability

I can't find these to change them, though. Not under shared pages,
container pages, or portlets. This almost seems like a dumb question,
but I've been hunting around and I just do not see these anywhere.

What I need to end up with is the simplified:

Self Service Requests
Request Resource
My Requests

Also, under Request Resource, I'd like to remove the Search and just
display all (there are only two, so far). I suspect that by the time I
find out how to change the above, I'll also have found where to change
this one.

David Gersic dgersic_@_niu.edu

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