I am trying to catch the choice of the user on the request form, and
take a route in the workflow. It is very simple, but I can't get it to
To ease up troubleshooting I need some confirmidation on the following

Request form control box selectRoleOrGoO is mapped to

Which is a "Static list", configured like:
String staticList:
role Role
groupofobjects GroupOfObjects

In the workflow I have put a "condition group" with two brands for true
and false respectively. Condition is:

var RoleOrGoO = flowdata.get('start/request_form/selectRoleOrGoO')
(RoleOrGoO == "role")

When "true", it goes to the "Role entities", when false to the
"groupofobjects entities"

It does not work at all, and i cant see why. Makes the condition in the
conditiongroup sense?

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